President Iohannis calls on the Coalition parties to show responsibility


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In a press statement at Cotroceni Palace on Wednesday afternoon, President Klaus Iohannis called on the Coalition parties to prove responsibility, warning that ruling must not affected by the electoral period inside the political parties.
“The time of electoral fights is over, ruling is not about competition between a party or another, it’s not about competition inside the parties or the battles between a leader or another. Governance and law-making are about providing public policies for Romanians. None of the ruling parties must not forget this thing,” the Romanian head of state pointed out.
Undoubtedly, the President referred to the upcoming congresses to elect new chairmen for PNL and USR-PLUS and to the disagreements inside the ruling coalition on the “Anghel Saligny” investment project.

“Besides the different, although natural, visions,  on a project or another, it is vital that all parties in the Government to prove maturity and responsibility and to reach a common ground when the stake is of utmost importance for Romanians,”, Iohannis added.

“I want to see the ruling coalition parties as a good example of efficiency, of dialogue and democracy. And when I say democracy I also mean a democratic way of functioning in their own political parties. Internal elections in the parties are not about replacing by any means a leader with another one, but about project competition, about debates that should lead to modernization and renewal, so that the final result should be reaching a better level of representation of the Romanians”, Iohannis said.

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