President Iohannis calls political parties for consultations on Friday following Dancila Government’s dismissal


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“Job done, today Romania has won. The vote of the Romanians on May 26 at the referendum has been fully respected,” said President Iohannis during a press statement held immediately after the censure motion had passed and Dancila Government had been sacked.

The fall of the PSD Government is the natural result of the entire society against the abuses of this Government. This process marks the moment when PSD is becoming history. I congratulate PNL for this censure motion, for the effort to seek endorsement. I also congratulate the other opposition parties, which joined forces to topple down this failed and confused PSD Government“, Iohannis pointed out, adding that the result in Parliament today speaks “for itself”, as it has managed “to block the PSD disaster”.

“I am glad the reason has prevailed. Any day with Dancila Gov’t in power would have been a lost day for Romania. I am calling parties for consultations, first round tomorrow at 11:00hrs. I will propose a solution for an Executive with a very clear mandate. The best solution to restore the Parliament’s legitimacy is obviously the early elections, but they can be achieved only through consensus. I will see at the consultations if there is this consensus “, Iohannis argued.

The head of state assured that he will take a decision by observing the Constitution and warned that that fight against PSD is not over yet, while urging Romanians to come to polls at the next elections.

The head of state argued that consultations must take place at once, as “we need a new government as a matter of urgency”.

“There are very urgent topics that need urgent solutions. Romania needs a fair budget for next year. At the same time, we have to make a nomination for the European Commissioner office as soon as possible. The candidate must observe the professionalism and credibility standards required by our EU partners.

We are almost on the verge of the presidential elections and we have the duty to secure correct elections, held under the best circumstances, including for Romanians in Diaspora.

So, there are problems that can’t wait. I will take a decision by observing the Constitution so that, regardless of any chosen option, Romania’s stability should be ensured”.

“The motion passing is a great success, but the fight with PSD doesn’t end here. It is essential that Romanians will get out and vote in the greatest possible number”, Iohannis concluded.

Iohannis to personally get involved in the Commissioner issue

After the press statement, the President told journalists he will personally get involved at European level so that PSD’s nominations for the Commissioner seat should not be accepted. PSD had proposed Dan Nica for the Transports Commissioner, with Gabriela Ciot, as backup option.

Two MEPs from the National Liberal Party are rumored to be proposed as EU Commissioner on Romania’s behalf: Siegfried Muresan and Adina Valean.

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