President Iohannis, controversial photo session at Cotroceni amid the Caracal scandal


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President Klaus Iohannis has been involved in a controversial photo shooting taken by photographer Simion Buia with his girl at Cotroceni Palace. The photographer posted the photos on his Facebook page.

“I am a lucky man, and I have had remarkable encounters lately. I seldom take Martha with me, to learn, understand and remember. After all, we are what our memories are. I had a photo shooting with the Romanian President the other day. Martha has talked in German with Mr. Iohannis, they talked about school, life. Then Martha played jazz on her mobile phone to break the silence at Cotroceni, while I heated the flash. It turned out well. If I were to describe my experience in one word, it would be empathy. Sometimes there is just <chemistry> between people, regardless of their age, statute or position”, the photographer said in the post explaining the photos.

“I love my job, I adore my daughter, I urge you to come to the polls“, he added.

Following criticism and tough comments, Buia deleted his post on Sunday morning.

The photo shooting comes amid scandal on the poor intervention of the police, prosecutors and other authorities to protect and save a 15-year-old girl, Alexandra Macesanu, who was kidnapped, raped and allegedly killed last week in Caracal, despite she had managed to call 112 three times to announce her situation.

After the CSAT sitting last Tuesday, President Iohannis took stand, slamming the governments of the past years for the generalised corruption and nepotism in Romania.

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