President Iohannis: CVM report – a serious alarm signal

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Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis believes the EC report regarding the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) in the field of justice and fight against corruption is a serious alarm signal, to be considered by the ruling coalition, a Presidency release reads.

“If the Government and Parliament actions regarding the amendments of the justice laws will head in the same direction as until now, Romania will register steps back in regard to the justice system and the fight against corruption. President Klaus Iohannis shares the EC opinion saying that the amendments to the legal framework should be done transparently and by considering all players in the judicial system. (…)

President Iohannis draws the attention that the entire effort Romania makes to strengthen the reforms in the field of justice and fighting corruption could be jeopardised by the actions of some politicians who refuse to accept that their duty is to work for the citizens’ benefit and not for partisan or group interests.

The influence upon the judicial system and, generally, any pressure or attempt to control the justice, does nothing else but to turn Romania back into the past.

President Klaus Iohannis reiterates that he will make use of his constitutional powers to ensure justice independence and a functional rule of law. This is the vision on a powerful European Romania, supported by millions of citizens,” the release reads.

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