President Iohannis delivers message against violence, pleads for reason, condemns attacks on Friday. PSD undermines governance


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In a third intervention after the violence on Friday night, President Klaus Iohannis has said on Monday, during a briefing, that three days have passed and no one is being hold responsible for what happened and no one has filed the resignation.

President Iohannis has accused the ruling party, PSD, of undermining the governance and that it has come with a repressive component.

“I wonder if those who want to put down the judiciary wanted a diversion and to build an unjustified and false tension within the society,” the head of state said.

He added that PSD has won the general elections and no one denies it, but the current leadership is abusing the office to attack the population and the judiciary.

President Iohannis made an appeal to PSD to seriously consider the protests and has asked the civil society to remain in alert and the opposition parties to build an alternative.

President Iohannis said “Romania is going through serious disturbance.”

  • “Three days have passed and no one is responsible for what happened in Victoriei Square on Friday. In any responsible country, we would have had a resignation, at least. No one has assumed political responsibility for what happened. Why have we reached this point? Isn’t it possible that those who want to defeat the judiciary and the anticorruption fight wanted to build up tensions within the society? What is to happen if they want to choke the voices in Romania? Despite the results of the 2016 elections, PSD has troubled the society with controversial decisions, chaotic governance and repeated attacks against the magistrates. Now we have also a repressive component, with serious question marks regarding the PSD intentions aiming Romanians,” Klaus Iohannis said on Monday, in a statement made at Cotroceni Palace.
  • “Violence and brutal repression of protestors are not acceptable in any way. Attacking innocent people, attacking journalists, attacking women and children is inconceivable for a European state. And those responsible must be quickly identified and punished, no matter who they are and where they are from. Whether we are talking about hooligans or about those who were not capable to isolate them in order to allow the peaceful protests go on. The chosen solution, to disperse the manifestation altogether, instead of neutralizing the violent hooligans, is condemnable and cannot be justified.”
  • “I equally condemn the actions of those who attacked the gendarmes,” the President added.
  • Extremely thin and poorly explained public explanations by the Interior Minister did not convince anyone, the same goes for the Gendarmerie’s explanations.
  • Violence against citizens who oppose the Government through peaceful protests is characteristic of authoritarian regimes, not for the European Romania.
  • The head of state argued that the current PSD leadership is abusing the fact that it won the elections “to charge on the population, to attack the justice, to bring Romania out of its European and Euro-Atlantic path.”
  • “Most Romanians disagree on the direction PSD is leading Romania to. Do PSD members agree with this direction? Are they in danger of throwing Romania into chaos just to hold on to this group which confiscated the party? Or, do they take responsibility before it’s too late? We do not need instability and a prolonged social crisis. People will continue to revolt if they are ignored. PSD must understand that the current party and government leadership is profoundly harmful, with unpredictable long-term effects. I am making an appeal to the PSD members to take very seriously the protests of these days and to understand that they have to govern for the people and not against it,” the President said.
  • The President also appealed to the civil society not to demobilize.
  • It is very important for the civil society to be alive and vigilant, to get involved with all its strength in the social and political life, because its contributions in the past decades are immeasurable for the evolution of the Romanian democracy. This call is not a call to revolt, but to responsibility and involvement. Only together can we change the current state of affairs, the head of state said.
  • Referring to the opposition, Klaus Iohannis said the opposition parties should come up with an agreement in order to offer an alternative to the PSD.
  • The alternative does not come by itself. Only by working with determination and wisdom one can get into the situation of gaining the people’s trust. It is also in the hands of the opposition the responsibility to ensure the stability of the country and to keep Romania on the path to normality. There is no doubt a need for a sustained dialogue between all the opposition forces. Responsible politicians know to put aside small interests and pride and put the country’s interest first. And the Romanians’ interest is to stop the abuses of the current majority. With understanding between the opposition parties, one can get what I said earlier, the alternative expected by Romanians.



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