President Iohannis denies appointment of two new ministers: „Gov’t reshuffle, a weak solution”. Consented ministers swear in

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Amid the latest Government reshuffle announced by the ruling party on Monday, President Klaus Iohannis has announced he had accepted part of the ministers proposed, although he would have preferred that the entire Cabinet resigned. However, the head of state has denied the appointment of two new ministers: Olguta Vasilescu, named for the Transports portfolio and Ilan Laufer, named instead Paul Stanescu, as deputy PM and minister of Regional Development. Iohannis has though approved the dismissal of Olguta Vasilescu as Labour minister, but rejected the revocation of Paul Stanescu, who therefore remains in the Dancila Cabinet for now.

I have received a proposal for government reshuffle, which is a weak solution. I think the right decision for Romania is the entire replacement of this government which has generated many problems. I agree a reshuffle is needed, but we must consider several things. First of all, we are ahead a challenge: the Presidency of the EU Council that Romania is to take over as of January 1,2019. It may be a success only if the ministries are doing their job.

In brief, we need ministers who are performing very well. There is no much time left until Romania takes over the Presidency of EU Council. Visits have already started, we must act quickly. I issued the reshuffle decree, but I refuse two proposals for I consider them inappropriate,” Klaus Iohannis said in a press statement at Cotroceni Palace.

The taking oath ceremony for the new ministers has taken at the Presidential Palace at 15:30hr, with the approved ministers swearing in and President wishing them good luck in their new mandate. Neither Liviu Dragnea nor Calin Popescu Tariceanu have attended the swearing-in ceremony. Political sources told mass media that the PSD chairman had received no invitation to Cotroceni.

According to the Constitution, the head of state is entitled to refuse a minister proposal only one time, and provided he motivates his denial.

The proposals as made by PSD on Monday:

Lia Olguța Vasilescu relocated from the Labour Ministry to Transports Ministry, replacing Lucian Șova.

Marius Budăi at Labour Ministry, replacing Olguța Vasilescu.

Gabriel Leș at Defence Ministry, replacing resigning Mihai Fifor

Niculae Bădălău – Economy Ministry, replacing Dănuț Andrușcă

Alexandru Petrescu at Communications Ministry, replacing Bogdan Cojocaru

Daniel Breaz –Culture Ministry, replacing George Ivașcu

Bogdan Matei Youth and Sports Ministry, replacing Ioana Bran

Ilan Laufer at Regional Development Ministry, replacing Paul Stănescu.


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