President Iohannis: EC President-elect wants a woman as EU Commissioner

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President Klaus Iohannis has met the European Commission President-elect, Ursula von der Leyen, saying  that she had told him she is “very concerned” about the situation of the European Commissioner from Romania. Iohannis also said that the EC President-elect would like Romania to nominate a woman for this position.

She wants very much we designate a woman for the Transports Commissioner“, the head of state added.

The EC President-elect is very concerned about this situation. We have an interim government that won’t nominate a commissioner. The Commission is in a hurry, although we have an one-month delay-not because of Romania- but, still,  the situation is complicated and I hope we’ll solve it“, Iohannis mentioned, stressing “it would be totally inappropriate and a serious error” that the whole endeavor should stop because of Romania.

Asked if Romania’s ambassador to the EU, Luminita Odobescu can be an option for the Commissioner seat, Iohannis said that there had been no names discussed, and that the debate should take place at home, in Romania.

When I get back home, I will start discussions and to look for solutions. It’s clear we need an upstanding person, who has the necessary knowledge to fill in the European Commissioner position. We do have competent, professional people. Let’s select them and send them to Brussels”, the President pointed out.

At the same time, the EC gave no deadline for the Romania. “The request was just to try to hurry up”.

Both official nominations made by the Dancila Government for the EU Commissioner seat on Romania’s behalf, Rovana Plumb and Dan Nica, have been rejected by Brussels over integrity issues.

The PSD Executive would have a third person on the waiting list, Gabriela Ciot, secretary of state within the Foreign Ministry, but the proposal has not been officially sent to EC.

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