President Iohannis: Economic downturn expected after the coronavirus crisis ends

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President Klaus Iohannis, who attended the Wednesday sitting of the Inter-instititutional Working Group to assess the economic, financial and budgetary impact of the Coronavirus effects over Romania, has stated that the Government is to take some actions to prevent negative effects generated by the coronavirus crisis over the national economy.

Iohannis said that, following discussions with the other European leaders on Tuesday, he learnt that “the world is expecting an economic downturn after the crisis ends”.

“The world is expecting an economic downturn after the coronavirus crisis ends. We hope it maybe ends in several weeks”, the head of state said, adding that the rulers are having meetings with all authorities and specialists from the private sector included, “to agree on the feasible measures that can be prepared so that the rebound in the economy should be quickly addressed and to not waste neither time nor the Romanians’ money”.

Iohannis underlined that the Ministry of Finance assured “there will be no problems with the payments in the next months”, while urging citizens “to avoid panic and hysteria”, considering that the people confirmed with Coronavirus so far in Romania have a good general health state, with many showing no symptoms.

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