President Iohannis encourages parents to send kids to school. “Decision to open schools hasn’t been easy, but it’s correct and necessary”

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President Klaus Iohannis considers the parents’ concern regarding the opening of the school year amid pandemic is legitimate, but argues that the decision to start the school year is “correct and necessary”.

“The decision to open schools has not been easy, but it is the correct and necessary one”, he stated in a press conference at Cotroceni Palace on Wednesday

The head of state called on parents to send their children to school, while advising them to explain kids that school will be different for some time and that they need to observe some rules.

“I am addressing to parents, who are normally preoccupied and concern: I encourage you to sent your children to school and to explain them that school will be different for a while, but we’ll overcome this situation if we all observe the rules”, said Iohannis.

“We cannot reduce the infection risk to zero, but it is very important to be aware that, by observing basic rules, each can contribute to the safety of the entire community. Restricting access to education has major consequences for the young generations and can affect the future of all of us,” the President has warned.

Klaus Iohannis underlined that the role of the local authorities in providing the education units with all that is necessary for the school to start and thanked teachers and school principals who have to find solutions so that classes should take place safely.

About local elections

President Iohannis has also made some statements regarding the upcoming local elections, saying that they had been already delayed once (editor note: from June to September), and that measures have been taken so that citizens can be protected while casting their vote.

We don’t know how much the pandemic will last and that’s why elections cannot be postponed indefinitely. The lack of legitimacy and the provisional terms are harming the local authorities and democracy as a general rule.

The campaign has started and even if it is atypical, parties can still introduce their projects. Unfortunately, demagogic initiatives are present, too, with impracticable pay rises  for some social categories. PSD is the champion of populism, as usually. I call on decency. Creating false expectations or challenging the health safety measures is a toxic electoral practice that is harming people. Dear Romanians, get informed, compare offers and choose well-informed”, the President said.

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