President Iohannis extends state of emergency until May 14. Schools remain closed

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President Klaus Iohannis has announced the extension of the state of emergency in Romania until May 14. The decree is to be published in the Official Gazette. Parliament must vote the extension within five days.

Today I issued the decree to extend the emergency state by 30 more days within efforts to take the most efficient methods in countering the spread of the novel coronavirus. There is no certain signs of slowdown of the pandemic worldwide.

The number of infected people is growing at a fast pace on a daily basis. We are fighting an epidemic that is hard to control despite the special measures already taken”, the head of state argued.

Iohannis added that without these isolation measures Romania would have faced an explosion of cases, which would have been hard to manage by our health system.

“It’s precisely the black scenario we wanted to avoid. Firm and early actions save lives. The danger is not gone. And a relaxation of restrictions as I see some politicians are recklessly asking for would prompt a rise in cases and a huge pressure for the national healthcare system.

Stay home in order to prevent ending up on a hospital bed. Stay home for us to recover as soon as possible”, President Iohannis pointed out.

He added that further provisions are needed during this period to ensure the public administration and essential services for the state, for the population are working.

“Obviously schools remain closed and all activities are suspended. There will be online classes. The Government will also take all actions so that the food security is secured. At the same time, prices for medicines, foodstuff and some public utility services can be capped“.

The Romanian President said he had added up in the decree a special mention stipulating a decrease of the energy prices on the regional markets, with the Government to take all necessary measures so that the decreases should be reflected in the price paid by the consumer. Providers of electronic services are also compelled to avoid cut-off situations.

The decree also refers to the cases when doctors and nurses refuse to work anymore, meaning they could be dismissed from the public health services, but also from all public authorities services.

The decree also allows the possibility that the management of a public civil hospital is taken over by the Defence Ministry.

“I call on all those who don’t believe things are so serious and who ignore the rules. Don’t trick the state authorities, as you are fooling yourselves. You’re jeopardizing your parents and grandparents. Any step taken beyond these rules can mean infecting yourselves or your beloved ones. Don’t expose yourselves. Be responsible and act in solidarity.

346 people lost the battle with this virus. Pain and helplessness, a huge void in the families of these 346 victims. I convey my condolences to the mourning families. We can save lives if restrictions are observed“, the President underlined, while also thanking the medical staff for their work.

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