President Iohannis: Facemasks compulsory in public spaces, affidavits needed to leave your locality

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President Klaus Iohannis has delivered a new press statement at Cotroceni Palace on Tuesday evening, announcing the latest anti-COVID 19 measures, namely which restrictions will be lifted and which ones stay in place after May 15.

Iohannis explained that facemaks will be compulsory in public spaces, while citizens will need affidavits to leave their city of residence. At the same time, the head of state mentioned the churches will be opened, but only for open air religious services.

According to the latest agreed measures, wearing of protection masks in enclosed spaces becomes mandatory, while social distancing and hand hygiene are also compulsory.

“Unfortunately, the COVID-19 epidemic is still among us. It’s not the time to relax too much. We still have hundreds of new cases every day, death toll up to 1,000. As May 15 is approaching when the state of emergency is ending…) , some things will be though mandatory after that. They’re simple, but very important things. From May 15, wearing a facemask when being in enclosed spaces becomes compulsory, for instance when we go to the store or when we use the public transport, on the subway. The mask is mandatory indoors. Social distancing is still a must. The mandatory distance between people is 1.5 metres (…) Hand hygiene becomes mandatory,” Iohannis stated.

The affidavit will be still necessary when leaving the locality, after the state of emergency concludes, except when going to the metropolitan areas.

The head of state underlined that travels outside the locality will still be forbidden, with several exceptions to be settled by the Committee for Emergency Situations and to be announced later on.

The official recommendation is for the parks to be re-opened.

The President explained that, after May 15, when the state of emergency ends, “the obligation to stay home and the obligation to fill out an affidavit when traveling inside the locality cease”.

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