President Iohannis: GEO on the 5-judge panels is “crassly unconstitutional”

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While in Aachen, Germany to attend the signing of the Cooperation Treaty between France and Germany, President Iohannis has stated that the emergency ordinance on the five-judge panels announced by the Justice minister “is crassly unconstitutional”.

We don’t know exactly what the Justice minister imagines he will put in that ordinance. If he wants to do what he has publicly communicated, the matter is crassly unconstitutional. A principle in our Constitution says that a law is enforceable only for the future. So, the law cannot work retroactively. If a law could be enforced for the past, then every Government could come and amend the entire past of the state. And then any sign of predictability, stability would disappear,” the head of state pointed out.

Briefly, PSD is trying what it has been trying since it came to power: to find solutions for their politicians who have legal problems, headed by their party chairman. PSD cannot come up with such solutions, which are just unconstitutional. This evolution is regrettable. I still hope the Justice minister will read the Constitution and the laws a little bit more and they will drop such an action that is not possible in my view,” Iohannis added.

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader has announced on Sunday evening that his ministry has prepared an emergency ordinance to review the cases in court of all those people that had been sentenced by “illegally constituted judge panels”.
The GEO will practically invalidate all rulings pronounced by the High Court’s five-judge panels in the past 5 years, including in high-sounding corruption cases involving top politicians and businessmen, including in PSD chair’s file, Liviu Dragnea.

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