President Iohannis gets a foothold to PNL: ‘This time I won’t let you run loose’

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During a meeting with the PNL representatives and supporters from Diaspora President Klaus Iohannis has stated that one of the mistakes made by the National Liberal Party (PNL) in 2016 was to think they had won the elections before actually winning them. Iohannis told the Liberals from Diaspora that the upcoming presidential election has a big stake and that he won’t let Liberals run loose this time.

“Please, let’s make no mistake! We have all seen numerous opinion polls. And it looks like a piece of cake. Only that the only way you can miss some elections is to think you won them before you had actually won them. This was, unfortunately, one of the mistakes we made in December 2016 (…) So, I am not going to take it easy with the campaign. On the contrary, I will campaign as much as I can (….) and I ask you to do the same. The stake is not just winning the presidential election. I’ve said it from the start to the Liberals: this time, I won’t let you run loose”, Iohannis told the PNL branch in Diaspora in a meeting at the EPP HQs in Brussels on Friday.

The Romanian President said they are at war with the Social Democrat Party (PSD), slamming it for attacking the judiciary, the economy and the public system as a whole.

He also told the Liberals from the Diaspora to not underestimate the electoral foes. “We talked about PSD, but there are also others who think they are entitled to a significant slice, especially from the Diaspora vote”, Iohannis said.

On Saturday, after he returned from Brussels, Iohannis came to the PNL’s campaign headquarters, stating that he is going to attend a campaign meeting

“I am very content how things are going and I came for a PNL campaign meeting”, the head of state said when asked how are things going regarding the Cabinet-forming. The head of state designated PNL leader Ludovic Orban as prime minister on October 15.


How the PNL-USR negotiations went?

Ludovic Orban had the last negotiations with USR to form the government, saying he is optimistic about the endorsement in Parliament, although all the parties he had negotiated with conditioned this support.

After meeting USR, Orban said they had agreed on certain things, as talks focused on the compensatory appeal law, judiciary and environment.

He said USR cannot condition their endorsement for the confidence vote. “You can ask PNL only for what PNL can give , namely those draft laws that we are supporting anyway, for some of the projects are ours”, said Orban.

USR chairman Dan Barna announced a decision to endorse Orban Cabinet will be taken following more negotiations next week, depending on whether USR’s conditions are met, meaning the law on electing mayors in two rounds and adoption of the “No criminals” initiative.

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