President Iohannis has no intention to revoke Prosecutor General until the appeal is solved

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President Klaus Iohannis has said on Tuesday he has no intention to approach the Justice Minister’s request to revoke Prosecutor General, Augustin lazar, until a verdict is issued on the appeal filed by the latter. The head of state said the steps made by the minister are puzzling.

“I do have an opinion to make public at the right moment, but the approach of the Justice Minister is rather beside the law in terms of propositions for appointment and revocation. It’s more than doubts, I am slowly turning to certitudes. The demarche to revoke Augustin Lazar is puzzling, it is embarrassing. We are at the beginning of a judicial demarche, I have no intention to make any steps until the judges issue a decision. Lazar has done a good job,” the head of state said, according to

He added that the revocation request seems wrong. “It seems to me it is totally wrong, from the political point of view, but also from the legal point of view – I will write something when the situation turns this way,” he said.

President Iohannis added “we are in an area where the delinquents are trying to take over the judiciary.”

Prosecutor General, Augustin Lazar, filed an appeal to the Alba Court of Appeals on Friday, requesting the suspension of the revocation procedure commenced by Justice Minister, Tudorel Toader. Earlier, the Prosecutor General filed a complaint to the Justice Ministry against the report drawn by Toader.


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