President Iohannis: “I hope solutions will be found for Greece’s European future”. PM Ponta: Greeks need the EU, the EU needs the Greeks

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President Klaus Iohannis hopes that solutions will be found for Greece’s European future, stressing the importance for all EU countries to seek ways out of the crisis.

“Although the Greeks voted ‘No’ in the referendum on Sunday, I hope that political and economic wisdom will prevail in the end and solutions would be found that will mean ‘Yes’ to the European future of Greece. It is very important for all EU countries to continue to seek ways out of the crisis,” the head of state wrote in a message posted on Facebook on Monday.


PM Ponta: Greeks are a functioning democracy


Prime Minister Victor Ponta said Monday that he “hates the Taliban and social butchers who demonize a people just because that nation dares to have a different opinion than them,” commenting the reactions to the referendum by which the Greeks rejected the austerity measures.

PM Ponta wrote on his Facebook account that Greeks “are a functioning democracy and must be respected and even admired” and Romania cannot compare the situation in Athens, because it has a different history, political conditions and economic characteristics, any comparison between the two states being forced. The prime minister also said that whatever the outcome of the referendum in Greece, structural reforms and sacrifices will be required, and added that when Romania was in crisis nobody cared.

“Romania is nothing like Greece – neither good nor bad. We have a different history, different mentality, natural, social, political and economic characteristics. You need someone to be very ignorant or very manipulative to make some comparisons where logic says you cannot compare apples with pears. Irrespective of the above situation, Romania has successfully passed a tough crisis (2009-2011), is now in its fourth consecutive year of sustainable growth (No. 1 in Europe in the last quarter), registers below average unemployment, enjoys social peace and Government stability, a tax agency in modernization and efficient, powerful and well supervised banking system by the central bank, economic growth and development potential that capitalise in the latest measures taken (in Special Tax Code),” says the premier.

The Prime Minister says that developments on the European political scene cannot change the positive direction Romania is heading, the only danger is the lack of internal solidarity.


Interim PM Oprea: Greek crisis can affect Romania


The ongoing crisis in Greece can affect Romania as well, interim Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea, the national leader of the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) said Monday, adding that it is important for Greece to continue its pro-European journey.

“The most important thing is for Greece after the referendum to continue its pro-European journey. It is important for Greece and the entire EU that they solve the problem facing the Greek people,” Oprea said after attending a convention of the National Standing Bureau of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), UNPR’s major partner in the ruling coalition.

Asked if the Greek crisis affects Romania as well, he said, “We have very many Greek assets and Greek banks. We know well it can affect us too.”


Former President Basescu: Greece will not leave Eurozone, but PM Tsipras has to go


Greece will not pull out of the Eurozone, irrespective of the outcome of its referendum on the conditions for its financial bailout, but the government headed by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras should resign, former President Traian Basescu said on Sunday.

“I believe that, irrespective of the outcome of the referendum, Greece will not pull out of the Eurozone. On the other hand, it will have to pay and this adventurer Tsipras should resign as head of the government. Europe should not tolerate adventurers who come and say I do not give a damn about the debts of the previous governments (…). I am expecting the European Union to do its best to keep Greece inside the Eurozone,” Basescu said in a speech delivered on Sunday to a meeting of of the People’s Movement Party (PMP).

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