President Iohannis: If this gov’t falls, too, I will have to question PSD’s capacity to rule

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While in Craiova on Thursday morning, President Klaus Iohannis said he had talked to the prime minister who had presented his options regarding the reshuffle. “I won’t announce these options. I think the premier is honest-minded and wants to create a performing team,” said the President, adding that ‘if this goal can be achieved only through reshuffle, then reshuffle it is.’

The head of state argued that the current political crisis “has negative consequences”, stressing that the PSD-ALDE rule has induced “a deep unrest” in the economy, amid fiscal measures ‘dizzily’ announced. “Things should calm down, should enter a predictability and stability area again to allow the economic environment to perform,” Iohannis said.

At the same time, the President warned ruling Social Democrat Party that the script of losing power is not totally out of question: “If this government falls, too, then I would seriously have to doubt if PSD still has the capacity to rule.” Yet, he mentioned the technocrat cabinet is not a solution.

Iohannis also warned the ruling coalition again that “people facing criminal problems don’t belong in top state positions.”

The benefit of doubt is not working in politics the same way it is in court,” Iohannis underlined, arguing that “for a politician who goes in front of the people, integrity does matter”.

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