President Iohannis in Parliament: PSD generated the crisis, should urgently solve it. The nation is on alert, it is alive!


President Klaus Iohannis has told the parliament on Tuesday, in a speech, that PSD is “the one which generated the crisis” and has an obligation to “urgently address it”, warning on the other hand that, if not, he would convene consultations at Cotroceni Palace in order “to see what are the possible solutions.”

Many of the PSD MPs left the plenum, dissatisfied with the president’s speech.

The joint session of parliament started at 12.00h. Digi 24 TV announced that about 70 revolutionaries made their appearance in the balconies and PNL leader Raluca Turcan said some PSD supporters were brought in the balconies to generate a conflict. The president’s speech was not attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps, as customary. The Prime Minister did not come to Parliament either.

Main ideas of the speech:

  • To the new MPs and the old MPs alike I wish a full term of success and achievements. I wish today we were under normal conditions at the beginning of the term to talk about important things for Romania.
  • We all want in a strong and prosperous Romania. We all want Romania to be better, but the times are not normal and we are in a crisis. Hundreds of thousands of Romanians protest in the streets. The nation is alert, it’s alive, it’s attentive and it’s very unhappy. An important sociological research conducted lately shows that nearly 80% of Romanians believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.
  • How have we reached this situation just a month after the election? On December 11, PSD won a great victory, but after that? Ladies and gentlemen, then, with a strange kind of kamikaze strategy, it collided with a significant part of the Romanian society, it promised something during the campaign and in the very first days was it did something else.
  • Your concerns were not the ones claimed during the campaign, it wasn’t about the prosperity of the Romanian people as the first priority, your first concern was to take care of files of the indicted and the Romanians are indignant and outraged.
  • This is the situation. Some are happy, some are unhappy, what do we do? What are the solutions, in what way do we get out of this impasse? The withdrawal of Ordinance 13 and possibly the uneasy dismissal of a minister is certainly too little.
  • Early elections, however, are too much in this phase. That is the interval. Who should come up with the solution? Well, naturally the one who created the problem, meaning PSD.
  • The speakers of the two chambers try to accredit the idea that I would not digest the outcome of the vote and that I would try to do something to turn this result around. That I would like to overthrow the legitimate government. It’s not true, it’s false.
  • You won, now you govern, but not anyway. Romania needs a strong government, not a government which timidly execute orders from the party. Romania needs a government that works transparently, governing predictably in the daylight, not at night, stealthily.
  • Legislate for Romania, give good laws for Romania, not for a group of politicians with problems. You, the ones who have won the election, rule responsibly, there are great expectations from the society. The people voted you because they believed you’ll do what you promised. They are great expectations in the economic environment. Transparent government and lawmaking, predictable, sustainable is needed.
  • Do not mock Romania, we are in a very good macroeconomic situation. Do not place Romania in difficulty. Keep the upward trend, keep the economic growth. There are high expectations from our international partners. Romania is a strong country in the region. We have fought, we have given laws and have governed for many years so that Romania becomes a strong part of NATO, of the EU. The world has great expectations from us, let’s not disappoint them.
  • If PSD, which created this crisis, would not solve urgently the crisis, by virtue of the presidential attributions, I will call consultations at Cotroceni Palace to see what the possible solutions are.
  • What kind of nation do we want to be? We want to be a strong nation, a prosperous nation that is building a state of law and respect it, which boasts with an independent judiciary, a nation where authorities are loyally collaborating, with a strong Parliament? A nation with an efficient government, or we want to be a poor nation, despised, who places everything at stake to save some of the (politicians) facing difficult situations. Is Romania going to be affected by this sacrifice?
  • In order to learn about the sovereign desire of the Romanian people, I will convene the referendum. I expect the answer to my request from the Parliament. Immediately after receiving the answer, I will call the referendum.



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