President Iohannis in Switzerland: The government issue is not concerning at all

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While paying an official visit to Switzerland on Thursday, President Klaus Iohannis said that the government issue in Bucharest is “not concerning at all” and that the Swiss investors must be encouraged to come to Romania in the greatest possible numbers.

“The issue of the government is not concerning at all. We have a government that is moving on, the FM is also with me now”, Iohannis told a joint press conference with his Swiss counterpart, Guy Parmelin, when asked what message did he send on the political crisis in Bucharest.

“The economic aspects were a significant part of the dialogue we had with the President (of Switzerland, Guy Parmelin – no.). We have very important and very successful investments, Swiss investments in Romania, and this trend will continue. Of course, in order to be successful in this relationship, we need to encourage more investors. I can tell you that a delegation with an economic profile is planning for next year, which he will lead in Romania, to explore other and other opportunities for collaboration and for Swiss companies, and I greatly encouraged the President to organize this delegation. They will have the full support of me and my colleagues to find the best ways to promote, and the government issue is not at all worrying. We have a Government that goes further. Even the Foreign Minister is with me. The two foreign ministers had a very good discussion. From this point of view, no worries “, the Romanian president pointed out.

Switzerland ranks 10th on foreign investors in Romania.

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