President Iohannis invites Donald Trump to visit Romania. US visas on the agenda of upcoming meeting


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President Klaus Iohannis will invite his US counterpart Donald Trump again to pay a visit to Romania in the near future. The invitation will be extended during the meeting between the two presidents at the White House on August 20.

“I will reiterate the invitation to Donald Trump to visit Romania,” Iohannis said in an informal meeting with the journalists, mentioning however that it is unlikely this visit to take shape in the upcoming period, due to the approaching electoral campaigns both in Romania and in the United States.

A topic of discussion between Iohannis and Trump to be addressed by the Romanian side will be the one regarding the US visas.

“I will also tackle the issue that has been dragging on for a long time and I have no intention not avoid it”, the Romanian head of state said.

The Romania-US Strategic Partnership will be also approached.

“This visit is very important to me. It is a meeting both President Trump and myself have wanted for some time. There are extremely important issues that need to be reiterated within the Strategic Partnership, NATO-related issues, defence expenses, the relation energy, the economic ties that are in development“, Iohannis pointed out.

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