President Iohannis invites parties for consultations on Monday. PSD, first on the list

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President Klaus Iohannis has invited the political parties who entered the Parliament for consultations at Cotroceni Palace on Monday to discuss about designating the future prime minister. The first on the list are the members of the Social Democratic Party (PSD).
The schedule:
11:00hrs – Social Democratic Party (PSD);
12:00hrs – National Liberal Party (PNL);
13:00hrs –USR-PLUS Alliance;
14:00hrs – Alliance for the Romanians Union (AUR);
15:00hrs –Democratic Union of Magyars from Romania (UDMR);
16:00hrs – national minorities represented in parliament.

The leaders of PNL, USR-PLUS and UDMR , the parties expected to form a coalition Cabinet, have had an informal meeting at Cotrocnei with the head of state on Thursday morning, before Iohannis had left for the European Council summit in Brussels.

Former Liberal PM Ludovic Orban said the meeting had confirmed the agreement to form a centre right-wing majority. He said though there had been no discussions yet about portfolios.

Orban announced that negotiations with USR-PLUS and UDMR would start on Saturday, adding that no new ministries or portfolios will be established.

“It will be a supple Government. Romania needs a Cabinet as quickly as possible. We’ll negotiate on several levels: the ruling programme, the structure of the government and there will also be a negotiation related to the positions in the parliament and committees”, Orban said.

In his turn, the co-chairman of USR-PLUS said there had been no talks about positions or designated ministers at today’s meeting with President Iohannis, but about possible timetable options for the conclusion of the negations that start with PNL and UDMR on Saturday. “(...) We are determined to debate as much as possible to secure that the reformist mandate given by the USR-PLUS voters will significantly be in the programme and structure of the future government and parliament”, Barna stated.

As for the PSD chairman, Marcel Ciolacu, he voiced his discontent that a future centre right-wing majority is being formed and that the President had already met with PNL, USR-PLUS and UDMR, although, he says, PSD has won elections.

Before the Presidency having officially sending the invitations for consultations, Ciolacu said that PSD should be the party first called at Cotroceni, otherwise it won’t go. Ciolacu added that PSD will have 110 deputies and 48 senators, so it is the party with the highest number of mandates in the future parliament.

“It seems we witness a situation when the Romanians’ vote is seized by a gang of losers who want to turn this blame vote offered by the Romanians into a victory. It is not allowed in a democratic, European state”, Ciolacu said.

He announced that PSD has its own nomination for the PM position- Alexandru Rafila, but also other proposals for ministers- Cristian Socol for the Finance ministry, Leonard Azamfirei for Education or Maia Teodoroiu for Justice.

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