President Iohannis: It’s clear we are heading to a Liberal Gov’t or one around PNL. I’m in favor of early elections, but after presidential election

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After consulting the parliamentary parties on Friday, President Klaus Iohannis has announced in a press statement that a new PNL government is shaping out and that a new PM will be designated next week, the latest on Tuesday.

“It is pretty clear we are heading towards a PNL Government and to one shaped around PNL,” the Romanian head of state said, adding that a new government is a matter of urgency to draft the budget for next year.

As for early elections, the President said he is in favor, but after the presidential election, which are due in November this year.

“The censure motion passed yesterday and Dancila Government has failed, a failed and confused Government and it is very well this way. I summoned first round of consultations. PSD has confirmed it had understood nothing from the political evolution and from what Romanians want. PSD has skipped consultations,” Iohannis said.

“A new, transitional government is a must, even if we have early elections or not. Another day with this PSD interim government is a lost day for Romanians“, he argued.

I prefer a political government and I will not seek other solution. PNL made it clear it is willing to take over ruling even if it is complicated. The other parties said they will endorse this approach in a way or another. It’s pretty clear we are heading to a PNL Government or one shaped around PNL,” Iohannis added, while emphasizing we need a government to draft the 2020n state budget.

“I am warning PSD to not spend the Romanians’ money during this interim mandate. A new gov’t is needed to repair PSD’s mistakes in economy. There will be no cuts in pensions and salaries. I say that to contradict the lying allegations of the Social Democrats”.

The head of state announced there will appoint any Social Democrats in the Government.

As for early elections, Iohannis argued that he, personally, is in favor of them, but only after the presidential election. “Romania’s Constitution does not favor early elections. We need now a government to be quickly installed and after the presidential election we can resume discussions on snap elections“, the President said, while adding that consultations will continue on Monday and Tuesday.

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