President Iohannis meets PNL leaders, liberals vow to support all messages from the head of state

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President Klaus Iohannis met the PNL leaders for talks on presidential election, on Tuesday, at Vila Lac 3.

PNL chairman Ludovic Orban announced at the end of the meeting that the head of the state has urged the liberals to be determined, mobilized and serious in the campaign for presidential elections. Other topics discussed included the GRECO report and the review of the Constitution, reports.

“We talked about internal and European politics, and we’ve also initiated talks about the presidential campaign, in the sense that PNL supports Iohannis’ candidacy. As far as domestic policy is concerned, we have discussed in connection with the draft to review the Constitution, which was submitted in the framework of the partnership for the consolidation of the European path. We also had discussions on the evolution regarding the electoral laws, the voting rights in Diaspora. We discussed the GRECO report and internal policy issues,” Ludovic Orban said at the end of the meeting with President Klaus Iohannis.

Asked about the message from Klaus Iohannis, Ludovic Orban said: “Determination, mobilization, seriousness, the obvious support for all the President’s messages, normal and natural things during the campaign.”

The Liberal chairman also said that “this referendum should be held at the same time with the presidential election either in the first round or in the second round.”

Orban said PNL will support Laura Codruta Kovesi for the position of European Chief Prosecutor.

The meeting took place in the context in which the Government has set the date of the first round of the presidential elections, i.e. November 10.

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