President Iohannis’ message for elections: If all politicians annoy you, go to polls!


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President Klaus Iohannis urged Romanians to go to the polls on Sunday and to vote for their favorite party. Iohannis also called on the undecided citizens to think well before elections, but to go to the polls by all means. Asked which party he is going to vote for, the President said there was one party that convinced him during this campaign but he would name it on Sunday or Monday.

I have a very important message for the nation. Dear Romanians, go to the polls. It’s a right hardly won in December ’89. Go to polls and don’t let anyone else decided instead of you. If you side with a party go and vote for it. If you didn’t make up your mind yet, think well and go to the polls. If all politicians are annoying you, go and cast your vote, I am waiting for you to the polls on Sunday. It’s our country, our Romania, don’t let anyone else decide for you,” President Iohannis said.

Asked to say his opinion about the current electoral campaign, the head of state opined it was a calm one.

Questioned about the enforcement of the 2009 referendum on cutting the number of lawmakers, Iohannis said this would be decided by the next Parliament. “However, you are Romania’s president”, a journalist replied. “Yes, but unfortunately I have no legislative initiative. Maybe we should change something in this respect, too,” the President answered.

About 18.9 million Romanians are called to vote to elect the future Parliament on Sunday. There will be 124 less MPs, for the vote on lists is back on track, meaning we’ll vote for the party and not for the candidate. 588 senators and deputies were elected in 2012. 6,500 candidates are racing for a seat in Parliament this year.

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