President Iohannis met the Liberals. What have they discussed?

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President Klaus Iohannis has met the members of the National Liberal Party at Vila Lac 2 on Thursday, with the party chairman Ludovic Orban confirming the meeting. According to Orban, the talks have mainly focused on the European agenda, but political sources quoted by the local media revealed that such topics as the elections for the European Parliament or the party’s electoral strategy as an opposition party have been also tackled.

Sources told that Raluca Turcan, Gheorghe Flutur, Dan Motreanu, Gheorghe Falcă, Marian Petrache and Cristian Bușoi had been the Liberal leaders that attended the meeting with the head of state.

They are part of the team that will manage the party’s electoral campaign. Former presidents of the party, Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga would also be part of this team, but they did not attend the meeting with the President today.

Ludovic Orban explained the partnership with the President is no secret, as PNL is the party who endorsed Klaus Iohannis’ candidature for Presidency and that the topic of discussion today has been related to the European agenda, to the coordination of actions during the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council.

He said they had also talked on the EP elections and also about some important meetings at European level, such as the one within EPP group on March 16, with the EPP candidate to the European Commission helm, Manfred Weber attending. „We also discussed about the possibility of an EPP meeting in the margins of the European Council in Sibiu,” Orban added.

According to the sources, the head of state would have asked the liberals to intensify their activity as an Opposition party, also telling them that he is very optimist and confident that PNL will win the European elections and the presidential elections.

Yet, there has been no talk on the candidate lists for the EP ballot due in May.

The same sources quoted by disclosed that the Liberals’ list of candidates for the EP elections might include Mircea Hava, Siegfried Muresan, Vasile Blaga, Daniel Blaga, but not Crin Antonescu, who has already joined the internal race within the party for a seat in the European Parliament, but whose return to the fore of the politics is not favored in PNL.

PNL’s deadline to submit the list of candidates is February 15.

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