President Iohannis: No relaxing isolation measures yet. I will spend Easter at home with my wife

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Romania has not reached yet the phase of relaxing isolation measures and if we loose them now, the crisis could be extended by “months”, President Klaus Iohannis has warned on Wednesday, after visiting the National Centre of Intervention Management and Coordination.

There are news with certain countries where there are relaxation plans. But we in Romania are not there yet. The number of COVID-19 cases is on the rise in Romania, as well as the number of patients in intensive care and even if we all want the crisis to end as soon as possible we are not at the stage to be able to get relaxed”, Iohannis argued.

The Romanian President explained that if isolation measures are relaxed earlier, for “we’d consider the warm weather is chasing the virus away” we might extend the isolation for months, and “nobody wants that”.

Iohannis also referred to Easter celebrations, marked by Catholics, Evangelists this Sunday, and by Orthodox Christians and Greek-Catholics next Sunday, April 19.

“I will celebrate Easter now this Sunday. I will stay home with my wife Carmen. We’ll not go to church to take light, we are not inviting anyone to the Easter feast. We’ll light a candle at home and we’ll pray. I expect you all do the same”, the head of state underlined.

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  1. R G H says

    Your President is doing the right things. In Australia we have numbers of infections similar to yours but there are only 60 deaths. Our state and federal governments enacted laws to close churches mosques etc. as well as non essentials stores, pubs, clubs and numerous other venues. We only go out for food, exercise and medical reasons. Supermarkets and pharmacies remain open but doctors can prescribe medicines over the phone.
    Already the statistics are showing that the ‘curve’ is bending but we will remain in ‘lockdown’ for at least another 2 weeks perhaps longer. Most people have confidence in our lawmakers who, in turn rely on the health professionals to guide them.

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