President Iohannis: “Not even communists dared such thing….”

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President Klaus Iohannis has paid a visit to Craiova, southern Romania on Tuesday, slamming ruling Social Democrat Party and the recent actions taken by the Police and gendarmes against protesters.

Commenting on the incidents in Topoloveni, Arges county, where several anti-PSD protesters have been seized and taken to the police section, the Romanian President said that not even communists themselves allowed something like that to happen.

Also asked about the incidents in Targoviste, where during a PSD electoral rally, the city was completely blocked and locals were asked for “passwords to enter the “city, Iohannis said: “Do you know where Romania seized by Dragnea was most visible? In Topoloveni. Several discontent people dared not to agree with Dragnea and went there and booed him. So, they were put in the van and taken to the police!”.

The head of state underlined that not even communists dared do such a thing. “That man (e.n. Dragnea) wants to take us there. I don’t agree. I hope you neither.”

The Military Prosecutor’s Office has notified ex-officio on Monday on the intervention of gendarmes last week, in Topoloveni.

“EU leaders don’t interfere in domestic affairs, but the rule of law in not negotiable

At the same time, also while in Craiova, Iohannis stated that the European leaders are not interfering “in very specific domestic affairs”, and that nobody asked him why “the express road from Craiova to Pitesti is being inaugurated for the 10th time in Oltenia”, yet stressing that EU officials are very interested in the rule of law.

PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea is expected in Craiova today to visit the building yard of Craiova-Pitesti express road.

For the EU, Romania does matter, Romanians do count. Do you know who doesn’t matter for Europe? PSD. I think everybody knows why, not because a party must be expelled, but because of the manner PSD has been ruling for the last two years and a half. European leaders are not coming to interfere in very specific domestic affairs, they don’t even mention these issues.

Nobody came to ask why the express road from Craiova to Pitesti is being inaugurated for the 10th time in Oltenia. If it wouldn’t be pathetic, it would be funny (…) But they are very interested in one issue: the rule of law, the independence of justice”, Iohannis said during his book launching event.

According to the Romanian President, the rule of law and the independence of justice are not negotiable.

PSD is trying to bend the laws to help its leader get away with jail, PSD is trying to subdue the judiciary so that its corrupt and thieves climbing at the top of the state should get away and this is not acceptable in Europe and in Romania. That’s why nobody among the European relevant leaders is talking to PSD anymore,” he argued, while underlining that, if the independence of justice is lost, everything will be lost and the Romanians will be the ones to pay, not PSD.

The head of state further pointed out that we are living in a globalized, complicated world, where everything is done together. “How can the Social Democrats even imagine that the world will take notice of us if we are standing alone and write billboards <Romania deserves more?> (editor note: PSD’s campaign slogan)”, Iohannis asked, adding that the real electoralslogan should be “Romania deserves more than PSD”.

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