President Iohannis on Brexit: The British Government should clarify its position. Nobody needs to be concerned about Romanians in the UK

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President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday that the British Government should clarify its position after the vote in the House of Commons on Tuesday rejecting the Brexit deal with the European Union. In a briefing at Cotroceni Palace in Bucharest, the head of state added that no one should be concerned about the Romanians living in the UK, their rights will be guaranteed.

“I believe two issues are to be analysed by the EU and by us, as country. First of all, the British Government should clarify its position, we need to know what is going to happen with the UK further on. The procedures that could lead to an agreement have not been terminated and a deal would be the best solution. On the other hand, the EU 27 is ready for other options. Many have asked if the renegotiation of the Brexit deal is possible and if the EU 27 countries have different positions. I can tell you very clearly: EU 27, us, the ones remaining with the union, we stand united. There are no divergent approaches. On the other hand, the deal, long negotiated and approved by the EU 27, will not be renegotiated,” the President said.

Klaus Iohannis added that the decision on Tuesday made by the British Parliament is regrettable.

“Last night, the British parliament has refused the deal submitted by the British Government, a negotiated agreement. It’s important to notice that the deal has not been imposed by someone to another one, it is a deal negotiated by a EU 27 team and by the British Government. It is a procedural step and the result is regrettable. I still believe that the deal is a good one, it guarantees – if finally approved – an orderly withdrawal of the UK and allows the building of future relationships in good conditions,” the head of state said.

President Iohannis added that no one should be concerned about the Romanians living in Britain, their rights are guaranteed and the European leaders have other options in store.

“We are ready to play our role exercising the presidency of the Council of the European Union. On the other hand, many Romanians having relatives working in the UK ask what will happen to them. Within the agreement, their rights are guaranteed, however we are ready for further negotiations that could lead to other options. We are here, we are ready, we will have solutions,” President Klaus Iohannis said.

British PM Theresa May’s government faces a vote of no confidence on Wednesday after the MPs rejected the PM’s Brexit deal. The vote in Parliament was 432 votes against to 202 for the deal, the largest in history – came as a huge blow for Theresa May.

The Labour Party launched the bid to trigger a general election after the deal setting out the terms of Britain’s exit from the EU was rejected.




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