President Iohannis on Brexit: There are three options. EU wants an organised exit, the ball is in the British court

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President Klaus Iohannis has stated in Brussels on Thursday that there are three options for Brexit, May 22 before the European elections, June 30 upon UK’s proposal and the delay of the deadline, adding that the ball is in the British court.

We have always had a proper stance, but we’ll have a discussion on Brexit within the Council. UK has asked for an extension until June 30 and there are already many voices saying this cannot be extended, that it is better to settle things down before the European elections. We’ll have a talk with the legal experts, and we’ll obviously have a common stance to help our British partners. Almost all of us want to help them, but the British have to reach a conclusion as well. An organized exit is needed. A hard Brexit is problematic for UK, it’s not suitable for us either, for we want to build a good relation for the future and we want to start off things right,” Iohannis said before the European Council summit.

There are three options, May 22, before the EP elections, June 30 as UK asked and an extension for a longer period that should be discussed. The EU message will be the same, we want an organised exit. Theoretically, it’s still possible to have an organised Brexit, but the ball is in the British court, it’s not in ours and we hope that more and more will understand that. We’ll probably accept an extension, if it’s May 22 or June 30 we’ll see,” the Romanian President added.

Asked by the foreign media if they have had enough with the UK and Theresa May’s attitude, Iohannis replied: „No, we haven’t. We are looking for an organised exit and a partnership for the future. We thinks it is still possible, it’s still time. It’s possible that Theresa May convinces the Parliament to vote this agreement. There is still hope”.

Romanian Senate speaker calls on UK to delay Brexit “forever”

On the other hand, the speaker of the Romanian Senate, Calin Popescu Tariceanu has called on UK in a Twitter post to delay Brexit ‘forever’. “UK, please delay #Brexit forever. As imperfect the #Union might be, we can work together to improve it”, Tariceanu twitted.

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