President Iohannis on CVM report: Romania has returned 11 years ago. New criticism against Dragnea, Dancila

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President Klaus Iohannis commented the CVM’s tough report against Romania revealed today, launching new accusations against the ruling party chairman and against the premier. The head of state argued that both the CVM report and also the EP resolution are saying one thing: that Romania has returned 11 years ago before the EU’s accession.

Both the EP resolution and the CVM report contain the same things. Romanians, most of them, me and many others, want to be European, to build a solid democracy. Unfortunately, this accident of democracy that is Dragnea-Dancila government has completely different ideas and is trying to pull the country back. These things are doing us major disservices and we must notice that Dragnea, for instance, is carrying suitcases and talking from behind the closed door. He is fighting, the bad news he is fighting Romania, not for Romania.

As for Viorica Dancila, when she is not fighting, when the country is burning, she is hiding in Arabia.

We all notice with great concern that these rulers are doing nothing, they have other concerns. The only goal of this government is to help Dragnea get away with his criminal records and with prison. They are not interested in Europe, in the Romanians anymore. It’s sad.

These two documents are telling us that Romania had come back 11 years ago, before it joined EU. Dragnea Dancila gov’t has wiped away the efforts of the past 11 years,” President Iohannis stated.

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