President Iohannis: PNL and USR are becoming forces of the change for the better

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The vote in the local elections has shaped a new political reality where PNL and USR are becoming the forces of change for the better, while PSD is going into opposition with one of the lowest score in its history, President Klaus Iohannis has told a press statement on Monday.

The Romanian President underlined that the result of the Sunday’s elections “was a blame vote against lying, misinformation, regress and incompetence that PSD has been raising as state policy for decades”. According to the head of state, PSD has lost including where ‘many Social Democrat barons thought they are invincible.’
Klaus Iohannis has encouraged PNL and USR-PLUS to keep cooperating in the view of shaping a parliamentary majority after the general elections in December.

“In order for Romania to get modernized, the PSD era must be definitely over. The victory of the right wing in the local elections is particularly important, unprecedented, but it is just a phase victory. I encourage the democratic parties to continue the dialogue in order to offer Romanians confidence in the view of a solid, responsible governance team, with solutions for Romania’s development”, Iohannis said.

The President said that there is one more step to conclude this wave of change.

“The victory in the local elections must be confirmed in the elections on December, when the toxic majority that has seized the Parliament can be stopped by the vote of the citizens from causing irreparable damages. Only then we’ll have all premises to allow Romania’s modernization.

We badly need a new credible majority to impose the long-awaited and necessary legislative reforms as soon as possible. Among these reforms there is also the one of amending the law that should provide again the election of mayors in two rounds. It is an essential step to guarantee a higher legitimacy to those who will manage the cities and communes for 4 years from the perspective of the elections in the next electoral cycle.”

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