President Iohannis: Poland and Bulgaria to contribute to the multinational brigade in Romania

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President Klaus Iohannis said on Saturday that the NATO Summit in Warsaw was successful for Romania, stressing that the topics of interest for Romania were included in the final documents, both the declaration regarding trans-Atlantic security, as well as the final statement of the NATO summit.

The Romanian president said at the end of the NATO Summit that Poland and Bulgaria had announced their contribution to the NATO multinational brigade to be operational in Romania. According to Iohannis, Poland will participate with a company and Bulgaria with a battalion.

“We’ll continue talks with the other allies for other contributions, with signs being very good. In its turn, Romania takes its part of responsibility and contributes with an infantry force, with logistics elements to NATO’s efforts in Poland. So, we participate with a company in Poland,” Iohannis said.

The Romanian President also informed that “the US announced a consistent participation in military exercises on Romania’s territory as of 2017.” He added that Turkey, too will join military exercises in Romania with a brigade.

According to Iohannis, the final statement adopted by the NATO Summit reconfirmed the strategic importance of the Black Sea, and the security situation of the region will be assessed from political and military perspectives.

Klaus Iohannis also pointed out that Romania is consolidating its position as a NATO member-state and regional actor that contributes to maintaining security and stability in an area facing various risks.

Later on, Iohannis announced that a meeting of foreign ministers from Romania, Poland and Turkey will take place in Bucharest in the autumn.

“There is a format that we discussed today, a regional format — the trilateral Poland, Romania, Turkey. We agreed to keep this format and the foreign ministers that were together with us at official talks have confirmed that in this autumn there will be a meeting of foreign ministers in Bucharest in order to find the best ways to continue this format, which is important regionally and we would like to preserve this collaboration,”  said the head of state, on Sunday, in the joint press conference with his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda.

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