President Iohannis presiding the Gov’t sitting: We cannot afford not to cooperate


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President Klaus Iohannis has attended the Government sitting on Thursday as he had previously announced, arguing his presence is based on his constitutional powers and stressing the Presidency and the Government cannot afford not to cooperate.

“When  I attend Government sittings, I preside them. My presence here is based on the powers granted to Romania’s President in Romania’s Constitution. More precisely, I am talking about the powers stipulated by the articles 80, 86 and 87. These issues have been discussed before in Romania for it has not been known clearly when the President can attend the government sittings. There is a ruling by the Constitutional Court referring to the above-mentioned articles, which clearly says that Romania’s President can attend the sittings anytime,” Iohannis told the PM and the ministers at the beginning of the sitting.

According to him, the President’s presence in the government sittings cannot be restricted nor limited. He said he would preside the meeting, but the premier will be the one who establishes the points of the agenda.

Considering all these, I thinks we can have a correct institutional meeting“, Iohannis said, underlining that, although there are many divergences with the executive in many fields, there cannot be any within the collaboration regarding the Presidency of the EU Council.

Therefore, I would like to read my attendance in the key of the mandatory collaboration in Romania’s interest, of the EU Council Presidency. For Romania there is no other good option. We are expected to have clear, correct, transparent stances and under no circumstances we are expected to have divergences on the matters related to the EU Council Presidency“, the head of state concluded, reminding that Romania will symbolically take over the EU Council Presidency from Austria in a ceremony due on Friday, in the presence of the Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, who will be paying a visit to Romania.

It’s your power to attend. Regarding the cooperation during the Presidency of the EU Council, it is necessary, we need consensus”, PM Dancila said in her turn.
President Iohannis is accompanied by his advisers for European Affairs, Leonard Orban and for the legal affairs, Mihaela Ciochina. The head of state left the sitting after about half an hour after the head of he Executive had announced the sitting today will have two parts, one dedicated to the foreign and defence affairs, and the second one to the domestic economic sector, which was a veil invitation for the President to leave the sitting after the first part, for the Constitution allows the head of state to attend a gov’t sitting only on foreign and security matters.

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