President Iohannis refuses any minister changes till after December 1

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President Klaus Iohannis has said there will be no minister changed by December 1. He has announced on Thursday that he will take no decision on the second government reshuffle regarding the Transports and Development ministries until after the date of December 1, when Romania’s centennial is celebrated.

I have received a new proposal for ministers, two days after the government reshuffle. This is not auspicious. We have had PSD-ALDE cabinets of  in less than two years. Things are going extremely bad regarding the governance. PSD has reached its third government.

You won’t believe it, there are 70 politicians who were or are ministers in these governments in less than 2 years. One cannot rule in this way.

There will be no ministers changed this week. We will discuss the proposals at the right moment. Nothing will happen until after December 1,” the head of state said.

Klaus Iohannis further said he is not afraid of being suspended, while denying he would block the Government’s activity.

“I am not afraid of a suspension. All my actions are within the constitutional framework. Some speculate that I would block the Government’s activity. Not at all. The Government is complete, all it has to do is to work. The minister will stay in office and work in the country’s interest until the dismissal document is published in the Official Gazette,” the head of state underlined.

Asked about a potential referral to the Constitutional Court over his denial to sign the dismissal decrees, Iohannis replied:

“I don’t know what conflict they plan to invoke, but I would invite them to also rule, instead of continuing with this merry-go-round“.

I said the Dragnea-Dancila government is an accident of democracy. I don’t think you would expect me to evaluate ministers now. I don’t think Romanians need his kind of circus of reshuffles before our national holiday. Let’s celebrate the Centennial properly”, the president concluded.

In retort, PSD deputy Florin Iordache said that President Iohannis has postponed the appointment of ministers Olguta Vasilescu and Mircea Draghici for he is in electoral campaign and wants to delay the government’s performance.

On the other hand, the opposition hailed the President’s move. Dan Barna, chairman of USR, said that “the resistance of the head of state  of not become Liviu Dragnea’s notary is expected by the society.”

In his turn, Eugen Tomac, PMP chairman, stated that by delaying he decision on the gov’t reshuffle, president Klaus Iohannis has checkmated to PSD, adding that “Dragnea’s gang, advised by Tudorel, is again on the wrong foot, more and more often lately”.

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