President Iohannis rejects new minister proposals. PM Dancila claims she is not afraid to go before the Parliament

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President Klaus Iohannis has announced in a press statement on Thursday that he rejects the new nominations of ministers advanced by PM Viorica Dancila, arguing this reshuffle is “null and void and inappropriate.” Iohannis has asked the premier to go before the Parliament for a vote of confidence.

This reshuffle is null and void, inappropriate and I clearly reject it,” Klaus Iohannis said, arguing the Prime Minister’s request is “grossly unconstitutional.”

Mrs. Prime Minister, I tell you directly in public: you must come before the Parliament to request a validation of your government! Otherwise, things won’t get solved. This new request, which I refuse, comes up with a novelty. It’s grossly unconstitutional, because, meanwhile, it is very clear and it went public as well, ALDE has quit the ruling coalition“, the President argued.

Iohannis accused Dancila that she is afraid of a vote in Parliament and that she is trying to buy her some more time. “At the same time, it is clear that actually PSD is pathetically holding on to power, is stalling a procedure which is explicitly and clearly required by the Constitution. I repeat, no minister will be appointed in the new Government unless they are validated by the Romanian Parliament“, the president concluded.

PM Viorica Dăncilă has send six new minister proposals to President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday, with three of them coming from ALDE for the ministries that had been assigned to ALDE under the protocol of the defunct PSD-ALDE ruling coalition.

In retort, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila has said she is not afraid to go with the Government before Parliament for a confidence vote, arguing that in the vote for the Senate leadership the Social Democrat Party (PSD) proved it has a majority.

“We have witnessed today a personal record of the President: he had a prompt reaction to the minister proposals, just a day away. The sense of urgency is activated only during the campaign in Mr. Iohannis’ case. Unfortunately, the abuse of power continues, defying Romanians continues, the recklessness for the country’s matters continues. It is the third obstacle for the third week in a row, Klaus Iohannis has rejected for the third time the Government’s efforts to work properly. Again, the president is against Romanians”, Dancila said.

She accused the head of state of “having something against the state employees” for he refuses “the right to payment of the people who work.”

The premier and the government argue that the staff of the ministries that have no minister and of the institutions under those ministries’ authority cannot receive their wages in the absence of the signature of the minister.

(…) I have noticed today a new occasional alliance between Mr. Tariceanu and Mr. Iohannis, the alliance of hypocrisy and destruction. (…) I won’t give in to this blockage, because I have the obligation to govern for Romania. I am not afraid to go before Parliament, the more as we proved d in the vote in the Senate two days ago that we have majority. We don’t run away from responsibility and we will not back down,” Dancila told a press statement at PSD HQs.

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