President Iohannis requires Parliament’s OK for the set up of a NATO counterintelligence detachment in Romania

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President Klaus Iohannis has addressed the Senate a letter on Monday, requesting Parliament to approve the set up of a NATO counterintelligence Detachment, known as ACCI Bucharest Detachment – BuDET in Romania. According to the document, the setting up of the detachment and its deployment in Romania “are part of the Allied effort to implement, in this area, measures to enhance responsiveness to the challenges of the international security environment.”

The setting up of the NATO structure is based on the decisions made at the NATO Summit in Warsaw in 2016 and is included in the “package of measures to ensure the presence on the south-east flank of NATO,” the document shows.

“The NATO counterintelligence Detachment will operate upon the Headquarters of the Multinational South East Division in Bucharest, in accordance to Law no. 291/2007 on entry, stationing, carrying out of operations or transit of foreign armed forces in Romania, republished and updated,” President Klaus Iohannis notes in the letter sent to the Senate.

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