President Iohannis: Romania expects quick and full implementation of the agreements on Brexit

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While attending the European Council in Brussels on Friday, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has stated that Romania expects that the settlements agreed with the UK within the first negotiation stage on Brexit to be quickly and fully implemented. Iohannis said that, as far as the Romanians living in UK are concerned, they and their family members will benefit of all rights which are already gained and under the European legislation, also after the UK withdraws from the EU, according to a release by the Presidential Administration.

Therefore, the transfer of all social securities will be preserved, including the child benefits. At the same time, all professional qualifications will be recognized. The principles regarding the reunion of the families have been also agreed, while the future family members, meaning the children to be born to the citizens covered by the withdrawal agreement will benefit of the same rights.

To obtain the new settled status for all EU citizens in UK, the administrative procedures will be simplified and will have minimum costs.

Iohannis on PESCO: Romania supports national defence industries’ fair access on the European defence market

President Iohannis also reiterated in Brussels Romania’s commitment in joining PESCO, the Permanent Structured Cooperation officially launched on Thursday, pointing out that Romania supports the “open and fair access” of the national defence industries and of the SMEs from all member states on the European defence market.

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