President Iohannis says Romania was close to Schengen area, but PSD came to power to attack the laws of justice

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PSD is to blame for Romania not being in the Schengen area, President Klaus Iohannis said on Saturday, while in Iasi to launch his book ‘EU.RO. An open dialogue about Europe.’ The head of state said Romania has been very close to joining the Schengen area, but as PSD won the general elections and started the amendments of the laws of justice and thus has blocked the joining process, reports.

We were very close, co close, I honestly say, to join the Schengen area, but PSD won the elections and started to destroy the judiciary and so the talks on this issue were halted. So… PSD is to blame for not being in the Schengen area, I say it with full responsibility, I know what I am talking about. Had we continued to consolidate the rule of law, the anti-corruption fight, today we would have been in the Schengen area and we would not talk anymore about the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism. It’s not you to blame, or the French of the Dutch. We have failed to join the Schengen area because of PSD,” Klaus Iohannis said.

The head of state said nobody wants to get connected with a country where corruption is not under control.

“We’ve been told we have to work more against corruption as long as at the top are those people. You know what I am talking about. They told us plainly: solve the problems regarding the rule of law and tomorrow you will join the Schengen area!” the President said.

He added that the second issue is related to migration, they do not trust we can control the migration flow. “We know how to handle it. So, this foreign argument is not withstanding. I talked with the European leaders hundreds of times,” Iohannis said.

President Iohannis has also attended  PNL’s electoral rally in Iasi, thus marking his first meeting campaigning for the EP elections and for the referendum on justice. He stated that PSD was in Iasi to humiliate the city’s residents, telling them that the European elections and the referendum are not important, stressing that “this gang that wants to get its hands on Romania” is wrong.

Let me tell you about Iasi. I walked here, (…) very welcoming people, very warm people (…) For two years and a half now PSD has been trying to bend the laws. Not for you, but just for them, for them to get away (…) If we lose the independence of justice, then we also lose the chance for highways, for hospitals, for kindergartens and good schools for our children. Then we start losing money and if we let them ruin our country, they will not be eventually the ones to pay. We’ll pay and all of us will pay. This cannot happen anymore,” Iohannis said.

Some are asking me: why do we need a referendum? Why is important to vote? Warm-hearted people came to tell me that Iasi needs a motorway. And it’s true. Then why the motorway is not done? why don’t we have a motorway, people asked me? It’s simple, for PSD is ruling. Why don’t we have hospitals? It’s simple, for PSD is ruling. We have European money for the regional hospitals for year”, Iohannis argued.

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