President Iohannis sends message to Indagra International Fair regarding Romania’s responsibility on CAP, swine fever

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President Klaus Iohannis has sent a message on Wednesday, on the occasion of the opening of the 13th edition of the Indagra International Fair.

The message refers to the responsibilities Romania will have to assume early next year on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and about the fact that the prevention of the African swine fever should have been an imperative.

The message was presented by Presidential Adviser Cosmin Marinescu.

“Lately, the challenges regarding the future of agriculture are under heavy debate in Europe. The distribution of direct payments, environmental and climate issues, research and innovation in agriculture are on the agenda. Let’s not forget that, in the coming period, Romania will bear the responsibility to coordinate the new Common Agricultural Policy. I invite all those who know the realities of agriculture to actively get involved in the process,” President’s message reads.

Referring to the African swine fever, the President’s message said it is ‘the worst calamity’ Romanian zootechnics have faced in the past years.

“It was imperative for Romania to succeed in preventing the African swine fever, a phenomenon which has spread aggressively and beyond control. Despite the previous events, it found us unprepared. (…) I hope that, in the future, this would be a lesson to lead to responsible actions and decisions in order to avoid the damages, whereas the budget resources to be allocated for investments and not for paying the damages,” the message further reads.

The head of state also referred to the need of ‘intelligent’ promotion of traditional products, which could become a genuine visit card for our agriculture’s potential.

Indagra International Fair is open at Romexpo until Sunday.

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