President Iohannis sends Romania’s reliance on Moldova’s national day. Supporting messages from US, Russian, French and German presidents

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Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday sent a message on the occasion of R. Moldova’s independence day, expressing wish that Romanians from both sides of Prut river will meet again inside the European Union and reaffirming Romania’s support for the republic’s admission to the EU.

“I wish that together, the Romanians from both sides of Prut shall meet again inside the EU and take part in enhancing both the European values and also those defining the shaping of the identity and solidarity of a people linked by culture, language and history. I strongly believe that, next to Romania, a strong ally and a fully fledged member on EU level, Republic of Moldova will become a state where citizens will be able to enjoy prosperity, welfare and stability,” the Romanian president told a press release issued by the Presidential Administration.

Iohannis reiterated Romania’s support for the republic’s European path, saying that Moldova must continue the democratization process.

“24 years since the set up of an independent, sovereign state, Republic of Moldova must follow its destiny in continuing the democratization process within the European Union. I use this celebration occasion to reiterate Romania’s support for the Republic of Moldova in the absolutely necessary process of joining the EU structures and we’ll be the same dedicated and determined supporters in reaching this target,” also reads the Presidency’s release.

Klaus Iohannis reminded his talks with the Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti, also hailing the formation of the pro-European coalition government.

“The fact that today the recent shaped government took over the responsibility of continuing the reforms started in Chisinau represents a positive sign, a first stage for enforcing the European values and principles,” president Iohannis concluded.

Presidents of US, Russia, Germany and France were also sending congratulation messages on Moldova’s Independence Day.

US President Barack Obama said that the United States are engaged in helping the Republic of Moldova to preserve its territorial integrity and sovereignity, underlining his country is supporting Moldova’s European ambitions.

Russian president Vladmir Putin expressed conviction that the development of the Russian-Moldovan relations in the spirit of friendship and cooperation is corresponding to the basic interests of the citizens of both countries and is compliant with the enhancement of the regional and European security and stability.

The French president Francois Hollande said he wants the enhancement of the bilateral relations further on, while Germany’s president Joachim Gauck reiterated his country’s support for the Moldova’s European path and in settling the Transdniester conflict.


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