President Iohannis sends to Parliament for review the law decriminalizing constructions without authorization

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President Klaus Iohannis has sent on Thursday, back to Parliament, for review, the law amending Law no. 50/1991 regarding the construction works.

In a release posted on the Presidency website, the head of state argues that Law 50 sent for promulgation had been under the verification of the Constitutional Court, which, by decision no. 142/March 13, 2019, rejected the unconstitutionality criticism. “Beyond the issues of constitutionality, we believe that a review by Parliament is needed of the law amending Law 50 on the execution of construction works, from the view of opportunity to decriminalize the offenses” (…), the release reads.

The Presidency further argues that Law 50 and other bills aim at observing the constructions regime, of quality and discipline, for the protection of general interest in urbanism and landscaping, for security and safety of constructions.



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