President Iohannis sends written refusal to PSD on Gov’t reshuffling

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President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday, during a press statement, he has sent to PSD the written refusal of the Government reshuffle, a proposal filed before Easter: Eugen Nicolicea, Oana Florea and Liviu Brailoiu. The three were the proposals submitted by Premier Viorica Dancila for the positions of Justice Minister, Minister for European Funds and Minister for Romanians Everywhere.

After the President’s refusal, PM Dancila sent the proposals for interim ministers: Ana Birchall for Justice, Eugen Teodorovici for European Funds and Stefan Oprea for Romanians Everywhere, proposals accepted by the head of state.

“Before Easter, the social-democrats proposed a cabinet reshuffling, not for better governance, don’t have illusions, the gangs inside PSD had fights, and they came up with three proposals: Nicolicea, Florea and Brailoiu,” President Iohannis said on Wednesday.

He recalled he publicly said he does not agree with this reshuffling “as it brings nothing new, nothing good and is not made to improve the governance.”

“Today, I have sent to the social-democrats my written answer so that they better understand I do not agree with the reshuffling. In my reasoning, two issues stand out: Justice is under the PSD attack and the governance is poor, as they try to give the impression they work for the Romanians using emergency ordinances, but actually this avalanche of ordinances is meant to cover up the lack of solutions. The social-democrats have no solutions for Romania,” the head of state said.

Other statements:

  • PSD has produced the poorest governance: zero highways, zero hospitals, only one achievement – amendments to the laws of justice, to the criminal codes, they have worked a lot, but poorly. There is a rhetoric question: why did they work so hard to amend the laws of justice. The answer is known: to save Dragnea from the justice system, this is what PSD has been working for in the past two and a half years, TVR 1 public television informs;
  • For PSD is much more important to keep Dragnea happy, than to keep Romanians happy. Nobody in Europe talks to them anymore;
  • The referendum: the first issue, justice, I expect Romanians to say they do not agree with corrupt politicians. The second question – that we agree to ban the emergency ordinances in the field of justice and in the field of criminal policy;
  • Both of them, the elections for European Parliament and the referendum, are about Romania’s European future. Things are solved by vote in a democracy. So, go to vote on May 26! Klaus Iohannis said.
  • In the case of Eugen Nicolicea, the head of state said that “the person proposed does not have the necessary experience to manage the complex field of justice.” On this occasion, the president has asked the Prime Minister to make another proposal, someone with “unstained reputation and morality.” The same reasons were invoked by President Klaus Iohannis in the case of Oana Florea and Liviu Tit Brăiloiu.

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