President Iohannis slams ruling leaders on the National Day: Some invent scenarios about another kind of state for fear of the judiciary

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President Klaus Iohannis has slammed the ruling coalition again on Friday, within the message delivered on the National Day reception hosted at the Cotroceni presidential palace. He said that, for fear of the judiciary, some are inventing scenarios about another kind of state, which are not at all useful for the country’s future.

I don’t know to whom these fictions can be useful, but definitely not to Romania’s future,” the head of state pointed out.

Klaus Iohannis has stated that the country is in a moment when it has to decide if it will continue the path that has taken in the past 10 years since the EU accession or “we take steps backwards and risk to go back in the past.”

From this perspective, the lessons of the history are more evident today than ever. A free society, where everybody has the chance to follow his vocation, where every citizen can live safely, living a prosperous life and having the guarantee that his rights are observed, is a society from which the authoritarian reflexes are removed. That’s why, I would have liked that in the past year, the more it is the year preceding the Centennial, to see a greater concern of the political decision-makers to enhance the democracy in our country, the independence of the judiciary and to strengthen the governance practices in the benefit of all Romanians, not of some groups. Instead, we see a great concern to identify parallel topics opposite to the Romanians’ expectations and to our country’s long term strategic interests,” the President also said.

He accused there are politicians who want to hold Romania captive and that a part of the political class is using its power for partisan purposes.

“There are those politicians who want to keep Romania in subjection in the past, for their personal purpose, and they are willing to make any compromise to reach their goals, even if that means to deviate Romania from its Euro-Atlantic path,” Iohannis stated.

The President also talked about the Romanian society that reached its maturity, with the street mobilization in 2017 proving that.

Iohannis said that the great benefit of the year 2017 is the fact the Romania has proved once again that it has a society capable to sanction the politicians’ errors and side-slips.

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