President Iohannis slams “the constant challenge of sanitary rules”, supports decision on general election in December


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In a press conferenc eon Tuesday evening, President Klaus Iohannis has stated that the constant challenge of sanitary rules and restrictive measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic, maintain a state of disbelief.

The permanent challenge of sanitary rules and restrictive measures maintains a state of distrust, with major harmful effects on public health. The experience of the last few months clearly shows us that the situation can be kept under control by observing the safety rules and by taking strict measures, when necessary, for limited periods of time,” President Iohannis said.

Now we have much more medical information about the virus, and the authorities are constantly adapting and learning from their own mistakes to take the necessary measures. It is much easier to respect the sanitary measures now and be very careful than to regret later that we didn’t do everything in our powers to save the lives of our loved ones,” he added.

The head of state has though warned that we are currently witnessing “a period of coronavirus rampant transmission.”

“Let’s not delude ourselves. This stage will not go away by itself. We will be able to overcome it only by strictly following the rules and encouraging everyone around us to do the same. We are a strong nation, it is time to prove it again,” Klaus Iohannis underlined.

At the same time, the Romanian president reiterated has made a new call to citizens to be prudent and to strictly observe all the rules to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Referring to the situation on Tuesday when two state institutions gave different figures on the rate of incidence of COVID-19 cases, Klaus Iohannis said that it is strange for two government institutions to give different results regarding the incidence of COVID-19 cases and emphasized that the Government must urgently clarify this situation.

“In my belief, there is an urgent need for correlation of data between these institutions and I expect the Government clarifies these problems urgently,” the head of state pointed out.


On the other hand, President Klaus Iohannis lobbied for the general election to be held in December , arguing that elections are “the essence of democracy lies in free elections”.

We must see what kind of society we want to live in, if we want to live in a panic-stricken society that keeps hiding away, or if we want to live in a society that respects the rules but carries on with its democratic life. The essence of democracy lies in free elections. As long as the term of this Parliament comes to end in December, holding free elections is mandatory for having a new Parliament with full powers, and this will happen on December 6,” the President said.

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