President Iohannis slams those sentenced for corruption who pretend to be political prisoners

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In a message sent to former political prisoners on Tuesday, on the occasion of the Congress of the Former Romanian Political Prisoners Association, held in Constanta, President Klaus Iohannis has thanked them for their contribution “to the rebirth of hope and civic spirit”, while criticising the authorities for the lack of involvement in honouring the memory of the heroes and in punishing those responsible.

Moreover, the head of state has slammed the politicians sentenced to prison for corruption for pretending they are political prisoners.

The rebirth of hope and civic duty in post-communist Romania has been seldom rooted in the sacrifice of the political prisoners. Looking back to their sacrifice, generations today understand that nothing is more valuable than freedom and democracy (…). Due to your greatly dignified and honourable actions during the years of dictatorship, you represent benchmarks for a better and more just Romania that we want to build in the coming years,” Klaus Iohannis stated.

“I think it’s important to defend your image from outrageous acts of trivialising this issue, as there is the attempt of some politicians investigated or sentenced for corruption deeds to pretend, with no shame, that they are political prisoners”, the President added.

Iohannis slammed the authorities’ lack of involvement in honouring the memory of the heroes and victims of the communist regime.

“I have noticed that lately, amid the current context market by social and political tensions, a lack of involvement of the authorities in honouring the heroes and victims of communism, as well as in punishing the responsible factors. The government representatives prove a lack of knowledge of our recent history and this is reflected in the absence of strategies and initiatives to counter the oblivion and to honour the victims of the totalitarian regime. Moreover, the institutions that are compelled to recover the memory of the communism’ victims, and to bring to light the torturers are totally passive.

I find this drawback very harmful for our society. The lack of concrete involvement of the authorities and the failure of some state institutions to identify the criminals and punish them is fueling the distortion of the past and is trivialising the crimes committed on political grounds”.

The head of state underlined that Romania “cannot be led anymore by the rules of the communist regime”, “even if some politicians prove that hanging to power, the contempt to the law and demagogy are still habits on their agenda.”

Iohannis argued that, through their choices, Romanian want a European country, “totally broken up with the past”.

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