President Iohannis thanks Romanians for voting, asks for the resignation of the Gov’t


President Klaus Iohannis has made a statement at the Cotroceni Palace after the exit polls have been revealed. He thanked Romanians for going to polls, congratulating them for their vote.

He has also called on the incumbent Government to step down. “This accident of the Romanian democracy must disappear“, the head of state argued.

“Dear Romanians, you are fantastic.You have cast a firm vote, which cannot be ignored by any politician in Romania. The referendum passes with flying colors. You have voted clearly and firmly for a just politics, for an independent justice, for a good governance, for Romanians and Romania. I thank you for your participation at the referendum that we have summoned,” Iohannis stated, while praising the support granted by PNL and USR-PLUS in this action.

I had support from some political parties. I would mention the PNL’s support and also on behalf of USR-PLUS”, the Romanian president said.

Iohannis reminded that “unfortunately things have not gone well everywhere”, referring to the queues at the polling stations in Diaspora.

“I thank to all the Romanians who had the patience to vote. You all voted for a European Romania“, he stated.

Iohannis has slammed the ruling PSD for “mocking Romanians”, especially the ones in Diaspora.

PSD has obtained a result to match their achievements in the past two years and a half. It’s clear this accident of the Romanian democracy, the PSD ruling must disappear. Following this result, the Government must leave. It’s a result that cannot be interpreted in any other way.

Thank you. You voted for the European Romania, a safe and prosperous Romania,” the president concluded.

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