President Iohannis: The 2 pc budget allotted to defence allows Romania to do its part

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While attending the Defence Ministry’s 2016 activity report meeting on Tuesday, President Klaus Iohannis stated that allotting 2 percent of the GDP in 2017 for the defence enables the premises that the commitments assumed by Romania should be fulfilled.

“Yet several responsible and desirable organizational actions are needed. Romania’s responsibilities assumed following decisions taken in Warsaw last year must be the result of a joint, comprehensive effort of the state security and defence institutions, Romania’s interest and in the interest of its citizens, that’s why the inter-institutional cooperation between the National Defence Ministry and the Foreign Affairs Ministry becomes essential,” President Iohannis stated.

He underlined that the most valuable resource of the Romanian Army is the military and the civilians activating in this field.

DefMin: 2pc for defence to enable a modernized military system

In his turn, the Defence Minister Gabriel Les said that Romania is ready to face the complex security evolutions in the region, and that it’s the country’s duty to have an efficient military system adjusted to the regional context.

The minister pointed out that the 2 pc budget allotted to the Defence Ministry enables the military system to embark on the modernization path. He revealed that MApN’s main concern was the increase of the army’s operational capacity, which highly depended on the budget.

“It is our duty to have an efficient military system, adjusted to the regional security context. This new defence architecture involves a highly trained human force, adequate work conditions and modern facilities, allowing our troops to fulfill their missions at the standards expected by society,” the DefMin argued.

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