President Iohannis: The country stagnates when some leaders’ personal ambitions prevail. PSD’s Dragnea: Politicians overcame all disagreements during the union’s time


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Although they missed outdoor military ceremonies, Romanian top officials sent messages on the occasion of the Principalities Union Day.

President Klaus Iohannis attended though a religious service in the memory of the small union’s architects hosted at the Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest, next to Patriarch Daniel, interim PM Mihai Fifor MPs and representatives of the Bucharest City Hall, and also a short military ceremony near the Patriarchy.

In his speech, the Romanian President talked about the political elites of those times, when the Small Union was accomplished, saying they “understood the historical moment and followed the general interest of the society”.

Klaus Iohannis recalled what great historian Mihail Kogalniceanu told ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza: “Make the law replace the arbitrary, make the law be strong”. “It’s an advice that kept its significance alive today, when our European destiny is based on the rule of law and equality before the law, Romania’s progress is indissolubly bonded to the existence of a coherent, stable legislation, able to sanction abuses and dishonesty,” Iohannis underlined.

This is the message sent by hundreds of thousands of Romanians who protested in 2017 and in early 2018, for an independent and efficient justice, country,” he added.

Iohannis pointed out that “both in 1859 and in 1918 (editor note: the year of the great union) the national unity awareness was decisive, mixed with the visionary action of the elites”, stressing that during these two moments the Romanian state was a strong one, led by worthy leaders, and the aspirations of the Romanians took shape.

When various personal ambitions prevail, then the country is stagnating or is taking steps back. The events in the past days prove again that these lessons of history remain valid nowadays as well,” he said.

Iohannis also sent a message to the Government: “They have the duty to pay more attention to the citizens’ demands, to be more preoccupied with the long term effects of their decisions, to be more open to dialogue”.

“Let’s not forget that the celebration today represents an urge to unity and social cohesion (…) Our society is strengthening its cohesion through the capitalization of its ethnic, cultural and religious diversity. Starting from these values and features, in the Centennial year, our nation is waiting for the country to be led by politicians who should be aware of the importance of their mission (…) I call you to make Romania a state as strong as possible, where rights and liberties are observed, while the democracy is law. Let’s show that Romania has a worthy destiny worldwide,” the Romanian President concluded.

PSD’s Dragnea on the Principalities Union Day: Politicians back then overcame all disagreements

The chairman of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea also sent a message on the occasion of the Small Union Day, stating that politicians in those times proved they are wise, by overcoming all disagreements, while their political action remains an example for nowadays.

159 years ago, Romanians laid the foundations of the great national dream: The Union. Politicians back then proved they are wise, by overcoming all disagreements, by pursuing all the same goal: a national state-Romania,” Dragnea posted on Facebook.

The political action back then is the best example for us, those living today,” he said.

Statements by interim PM Fifor, PM-designate Dancila

Interim premier Mihai Fifor also sent a message on January 24, saying that the concrete realities of the Romanians’ lives today are mostly due to the historical act accomplished on January 24, 1859.

If Romania today has a say within some strong international organizations, if we can travel abroad freely, these concrete realities of our life are mostly due to the historical act of January 24, 1859,” Fifor said.

PM designate Viorica Dancila also posted a message on Facebook, saying the Union in 1859 represents “a key moment” of our history, which was possible through the action of some trues statesmen.

Today, it’s our duty to rise to the standards and the courage of our ancestors and to act together for the great national projects,” Dancila stated.

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