President Iohannis: The former gov’t did not foresee money for pensions

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President Klaus Iohannis has stated on Tuesday that the deficit this year will get over 4 pc, adding that the budget equation is also complicated and that the former government did not foresee money for pensions in the budget.

“The prime minister and the Finance minister presented my some budget data, they are clearly, unfortunately we have to ascertain the reality. The figures are cold, the conclusion a little bit more complex. The deficit will clearly exceed 4%, but on the other hand some expenses must be done”, the head of state pointed out.

Literally, no money was foreseen for pensions in the budget. Payments for certain contracts were not made. It is inadmissible for a government. Rectification is a must. The minimum wage increase is a must and will be done. I don’t think the deficit target within 3 pc is possible for 2020″, Iohannis further said.

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