President Iohannis: The situation is critical, actions to protect the population are extremely important now

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President Klaus Iohannis has told a press conference on Wednesday evening that Romania is going through a critical moment and that protecting the population against the coronavirus is top priority at this point.

“I will have a meeting with the Interior minister and the Head of the Emergency Situations Department tomorrow. It is a critical moment, and the protection measures for the population are extremely important now. The situation is very serious and we must be aware of the imperative need to keep the epidemic under control,” he stated.

Iohannis has slammed PSD again, blaming it for delaying the adoption of the quarantine law which prompted a deteriorating situation of over 1,000 daily Covid cases.

“During the state of emergency the situation was managed properly. By entering the state of alert a series of CCR rulings came up which made handling the pandemic more difficult. An extremely negative stage has been the row on the quarantine law. The law has been drafted by the Government as a matter of urgency. PSD has stalling the situation cynically, by holding this bill in Parliament for weeks. A false impression has been induced that the situation is not so serious. With an unimaginable cynicism PSD has procrastinated the adoption of the law”, the head of state pointed out.

About elections and school re-opening

The Romanian President has voiced support for holding local elections on September 27, arguing that the pandemic will definitely extend during autumn and winter as well and that there is no point in delaying the elections, as the situation will be mostly the same.

“The WHO has made a concerning announcement: this pandemic is not having several waves, but only one big wave. So, we need elections to render the legitimacy to the local public administration. What would we get if elections were delayed? Maybe we’ll have a tough winter when the season flu will overlap with the coronavirus epidemic. The voting can be held in good conditions, as social distancing measures can be taken. What is hard to organize is the electoral campaign that will be very atypical. We’ll resume discussion by mid-August”, the president underlined.

As for the new school year opening in September, the head of state only said this issue is very concerning for him, and that “school will not start under normal circumstances”. He added that we’ll most probably have a mixed scenario- online courses and classes involving the physical presence in schools. “In a week or two this situation will be settled”.

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