President Iohannis: The virus won’t disappear through violence and extremism. Vaccination is the solution


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President Klaus Iohannis has stated on Thursday that vaccination against COVID-19 is the solution that will help us return to our normal lives and that the virus won’t disappear through “violence and extremist manifestations”. He urged Romanians to trust the vaccine and to go and take the jab in order to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have the solution at hand to stop the pandemic and regain our normality that we are missing so much. It is called vaccine”, said the head of state during a visit to Cantacuzino Institute.

“The virus that has dramatically affected the existence in the past year won’t disappear through violence and extremist manifestations, but through the vaccination of as many people as possible with efficient vaccines. We’ll receive a significant number of doses in the upcoming period and thus the vaccination campaign can be accelerated,” Iohannis said.

“Many of us have lost somebody dear, others have deeply suffered following the infection with this virus. The social and economic costs were and continue to be huge. Yet we can end this pandemic and I urge Romanians to trust the benefits of immunization and go in large number to the vaccination centers“, the president added.

The Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, together with PM Florin Citu have attended a ceremony to mark the 100th anniversary of Cantacuzino Institute in Bucharest.

The „Cantacuzino” Institute was established on April 1, 1921, by a high decree released by King Ferdinand I, under the name of „Dr. I. Cantacuzino” Institute of Serum and Vaccines. The institute did researches in all major sectors of microbiology and sciences, and produces vaccines and therapy serum.

The Institute was transferred from the Health Ministry to the Ministry of National Defence in 2017.

Cantacuzino National Institute of Research-Development for Microbiology and Immunology (CNIR) is a national institute in Romania, which does scientific research in the fields of microbiology, immunology, molecular biology and genetics, and education of microbiology, immunology, epidemiology, training of scientific and technical.

Despite ranking among the most appreciated immunological producers in the world, the institute has started to face decline since February 2010, after the National Agency of Medicines withdrew its authorization to sell products for injection, including vaccines, as the fabrication standard had expired. Under these conditions, some immunization national programs have been blocked for several months, while the authorities being compelled to import other vaccines.

Until it was taken over by the Defence Ministry, media and civil society have long blamed the state authorities of closing their eyes or even of being hand in hand with the foreign drug companies that would want their medicine and vaccines prevail on the Romanian market.

Cantacuzino Institute’s employees have repeatedly protested against the situation and the dissolution of the institution in the past two years, even asking for the President’s involvement.

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